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Historical Data

Accessing Pre-Regenesis History

This tutorial explains how to access transaction history between 23 June 2021 and the final regenesis using the Etherscan CSV exporting tool. Because of our final regenesis on 11 November 2021, older transactions are not part of the current blockchain and do not appear on Etherscan (opens in a new tab).

Etherscan access

Browse to the Optimism Explorer (opens in a new tab).

Select your address and the type of report you want.

Etherscan data export page.

Dune access

If none of the Etherscan CSV files contains the information you need, you can use a query on Dune Analytics (opens in a new tab), similar to this query (opens in a new tab). You have to log on with a Dune account, but their free tier is sufficient.

Browse to the OVM1.0 User Address Transactions (opens in a new tab) Dashboard on Dune.

Enter the address you wish to search in the Address text box in the top left.

Run the query (This requires log in. A free Dune account is sufficient).

Alternatively, to run custom queries in Dune, you can use the optimism_legacy_ovm1 schema defined in Dune Docs here (opens in a new tab).