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OP Stack Preinstalls

This guide explains OP Stack preinstalls and what it brings to developers. To go to production on a new chain, developers need their core contracts: Gnosis Safes, the 4337 entrypoint, create2deployer, etc. On a blank EVM, these contracts can take weeks to be deployed. Now, core contracts come preinstalled on the OP Stack -- no third party deployment necessary. Whether hacking alone or starting the next big rollup, developers can start using their favorite contracts as soon as they spin up their chain.

Preinstalls place these core smart contracts at their usual addresses in the L2 genesis state, to ensure that they're usable as soon as a chain is initialized. With these contracts preinstalled at set addresses, developers can also expect all these contracts to be present at set addresses on the Superchain.

Preinstalls are automatically enabled for all new OP chains after Ecotone.

Contracts and Deployed Addresses

This table lists the specific contracts to be pre/deployed for new OP Chains.

ContractDeployed Address for New OP Chains
Safe (opens in a new tab)referencing the artifacts file (opens in a new tab): 0x69f4D1788e39c87893C980c06EdF4b7f686e2938
SafeL2 (opens in a new tab)0xfb1bffC9d739B8D520DaF37dF666da4C687191EA
Multicall3 (opens in a new tab)0xcA11bde05977b3631167028862bE2a173976CA11
MultiSend (opens in a new tab)0x998739BFdAAdde7C933B942a68053933098f9EDa
MultiSendCallOnly (opens in a new tab)0xA1dabEF33b3B82c7814B6D82A79e50F4AC44102B
create2 Proxy (opens in a new tab)0x4e59b44847b379578588920cA78FbF26c0B4956C
create2deployer (opens in a new tab)0x13b0D85CcB8bf860b6b79AF3029fCA081AE9beF2
Safe Singleton Factory (opens in a new tab)0x914d7Fec6aaC8cd542e72Bca78B30650d45643d7
permit2 (opens in a new tab)0x000000000022D473030F116dDEE9F6B43aC78BA3
ERC-4337 Entrypoint v0.6.0 (opens in a new tab)0x5FF137D4b0FDCD49DcA30c7CF57E578a026d2789
SenderCreator dependency @ 0x7fc98430eaedbb6070b35b39d798725049088348 on ETH mainnet

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