Developer Tools

Analytics Tools

The following guide lists platforms you can use to gather analytics and setup customizations about OP Mainnet.


Tenderly (opens in a new tab) monitoring stack lets you inspect any transaction execution on OP Mainnet or OP Sepolia (opens in a new tab).

You can inspect the state of your verified contract in any step of the transaction's execution, as well as step into or over function calls. The level of detail the Tenderly dashboard presents will reduce your development time as well as help you understand the execution flow of transactions. It helps you to inspect states at every instance of transaction and gives a platform to trace transactions. You can also simulate pending (or any other historical) transactions and see their exact outcomes.

Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics (opens in a new tab) allows anyone to create dashboards that present information about OP Chains (OP Mainnet, Base, and Zora are available). See Dune Docs (opens in a new tab) for more info. You can find a list of community created dashboards for OP Chains here (opens in a new tab), or create your own (opens in a new tab) dashboard.

Here are some of our favorite dashboards so far:

Additional Tools and Resources

Here are some additional tools and resources for OP Mainnet analytics and development: