Node Operators
Software Releases

Node Software Releases

This page gives information on the off chain node software release information.

Our latest releases, notes, and changelogs can be found on GitHub. op-node releases can be found here (opens in a new tab) and op-geth releases can be found here (opens in a new tab).

Production Releases

Chain and node operators should always run the latest production releases of the OP Stack's off chain components. Production releases are always tags, versioned as <component-name>/v<semver>. For example, an op-node release might be versioned as op-node/v1.7.5. Tags of the form v<semver>, such as v1.7.6, indicate releases of all Go code only, and DO NOT include smart contracts. This naming scheme is required by Golang. In the above list, this means these v<semver> releases contain all op-* components, and exclude all contracts-* components.

op-geth embeds upstream geth's version inside its own version as follows: vMAJOR.GETH_MAJOR GETH_MINOR GETH_PATCH.PATCH. Basically, geth's version is our minor version. For example, if geth is at v1.12.0, the corresponding op-geth version would be v1.101200.0. Note that we pad out to three characters for the geth minor version and two characters for the geth patch version. Since we cannot left-pad with zeroes, the geth major version is not padded.

OP Mainnetv1.7.7 (opens in a new tab)v1.101315.2 (opens in a new tab)
OP Sepoliav1.7.7 (opens in a new tab)v1.101315.2 (opens in a new tab)