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This page contains download links for data directories and node snapshots that can be used to more easily run your own node. Data directories and node snapshots are not required but can significantly simplify the node operation process.


Data directories and node snapshots are not required for nodes using snap sync but are still required for archive nodes and in instances when you need to trace the entire chain.

About the Bedrock Migration

OP Mainnet underwent a large database migration (opens in a new tab) as part of the Bedrock Upgrade (opens in a new tab) in 2023. Node operators must have a migrated OP Mainnet database to run a node. Migrated OP Mainnet databases can be generated manually or pre-migrated databases can be downloaded from the links on this page.



Always verify snapshots by comparing the sha256sum of the downloaded file to the sha256sum listed on this page. Check the sha256sum of the downloaded file by running sha256sum <filename> in a terminal.

Using aria2 (opens in a new tab) to download snapshots can significantly speed up the download process.

OP Mainnet (Full Node) (opens in a new tab) provides more recent full node snapshots for OP Mainnet. You can find them here (opens in a new tab). Please note: is a 3rd party provider, and the Optimism Foundation hasn't verified the snapshots.

Snapshot DateSizeDownload Linksha256sum
2023-06-06325GBMirror 1 (opens in a new tab)
Mirror 2 (opens in a new tab)
Mirror 3 (torrent)

OP Mainnet (Archive Node)

You can also download access the Optimism Foundation datadir explorer (opens in a new tab) to find other snapshots.

Snapshot DateSizeDownload Linksha256sum
Latest by Optimism Foundation>4TBMirror 1 (opens in a new tab)
Mirror 2 (torrent) (opens in a new tab)
sha256sum (opens in a new tab)

OP Mainnet (Legacy)

Snapshot DateSizeDownload Linksha256sum
2023-06-062.9TBMirror 1 (opens in a new tab)4adedb61125b81b55f9bdccc2e85092050c65ef2253c86e2b79569732b772829