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Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction

Use this guide to learn how you can use smart contract wallet primitives to build, onboard, and scale your dapp. Account Abstraction enables users to utilize smart contracts more easily. While the default account for most users today is an Externally Owned Account (EOA), smart account adoption has been growing due to their ability to create superior user experiences.

Use Cases

Account abstraction (and contract accounts) enables more opportunities for dapps and wallet developers to innovate on user experiences including the ability to:

  • Batch transactions together (e.g. approve and execute a swap in one go)
  • Offer wallets with easy recovery and no seed phrase
  • Sponsor the gas fees for transactions
  • Enable users to pay gas in the token(s) of their choice

Account Abstraction Tools

Ready to enable account abstraction experiences in your dapp? Here's some helpful information on account abstraction infrastructure like ERC-4337 bundler and gas manager APIs that are available on OP Mainnet:

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