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Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction


This page includes providers that meet specific inclusion criteria, as outlined below. Please visit the community account abstractions page (opens in a new tab) for an additional listing of third-party account abstraction tools.

ERC-4337 (opens in a new tab), also known as Account Abstraction, enables more opportunities for apps and wallet developers to innovate on user experiences, including the ability to:

  • Batch transactions together (e.g. approve and execute a swap in one go)
  • Offer wallets with easy recovery and no seed phrase
  • Sponsor the gas fees for transactions
  • Enable users to pay gas in the token(s) of their choice

Superchain Paymaster

The Superchain paymaster is an ERC-4337 verifying paymaster that sponsors transactions for smart accounts on the Superchain. Use the Superchain Paymaster to get your transactions sponsored to remove friction from your app experience. View the implementation guide and tutorials here. (opens in a new tab)

Account Abstraction Tools

Ready to enable account abstraction experiences in your app? Here's some helpful information on account abstraction infrastructure like ERC-4337 bundler and gas manager APIs that are available on OP Mainnet:

  • Alchemy (opens in a new tab): Account Kit is a complete solution for account abstraction. Using Account Kit, you can create a smart contract wallet for every user that leverages account abstraction to simplify every step of your app's onboarding experience. It also offers Gas Manager and Bundler APIs for sponsoring gas and batching transactions.

  • Biconomy (opens in a new tab): is an Account Abstraction toolkit that enables you to provide the simplest UX for your app or wallet. It offers modular smart accounts, as well as paymasters and bundlers as a service for sponsoring gas and executing transactions at scale.

  • GroupOS (opens in a new tab): provides Smart Wallets that are ERC-4337 compliant smart wallets, offering full flexibility, programmability and extensibility as well as out-of-the-box toolkit groups need to gaslessly onboard and activate wallets to games, applications, and/or protocols.

  • Pimlico (opens in a new tab): provides an infrastructure platform that makes building smart accounts simpler. If you are developing, an ERC-4337 smart account, they provide bundlers, verifying paymasters, ERC-20 paymasters, and much more.

  • Safe (opens in a new tab): provides modular smart account infrastructure and account abstraction stack via their Safe{Core} Account Abstraction SDK, API, and Protocol.

  • Stackup (opens in a new tab): provides smart account tooling for building account abstraction within your apps. They offer Paymaster and Bundler APIs for sponsoring gas and sending account abstraction transactions.

Helpful Tips

Inclusion Criteria

Developer teams who want to feature products/tools on this page must meet the following criteria:

  1. ongoing partnership with Optimism whether formal agreement, RPGF, RFP, collaborated on specific initiatives, etc.;
  2. established user base and OP ecosystem engagement such as governance participation, homegrown TG or Discord participation, etc.; and
  3. actively maintained developer tool that aligns with OP's commitment to a magical developer experience (e.g., easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, great DevX, highly rated by community, etc.)

For teams that are supporting but still establishing a user base, we encourage you to share your tool in the developer forum (opens in a new tab) and signup to share your tool at the next demo day (opens in a new tab).