Developer Tools

Testnet Faucets

Faucets are developers tools that allow you to get free ETH (and other tokens) on test networks like Sepolia and OP Sepolia so that you can send transactions and create smart contracts. Here you'll find a list of active faucets that you can try out. Different faucets use different authentication methods, so you may have to try a few before you find one that works for you. Faucets can occasionally also run out of ETH, so if you're having trouble getting ETH from a faucet, try another one.


This page includes providers that meet specific inclusion criteria, as outlined below. Please visit the community faucets page (opens in a new tab) for an additional listing of third-party faucets.


Tokens on test networks like Sepolia or OP Sepolia have no value and are only meant for testing. Optimists only take what they need so that others can use faucets too!

Superchain Faucet

The Superchain Faucet (opens in a new tab) is a developer tool hosted by Optimism that allows developers to get free testnet ETH to test apps on testnet OP Chains like Base Sepolia, OP Sepolia, PGN Sepolia, Zora Sepolia, and other OP Chains in the Superchain. The Superchain Faucet is a great place to start if you're looking for testnet ETH.

Additional Faucets

Faucet NameSupported Networks
Alchemy Faucet (opens in a new tab)Sepolia
Infura Faucet (opens in a new tab)Sepolia
QuickNode Faucet (opens in a new tab)Sepolia, OP Sepolia
Farcaster Frame Faucet by LearnWeb3 (opens in a new tab)Sepolia, OP Sepolia
LearnWeb3 Web App Faucet (opens in a new tab)Sepolia, OP Sepolia
Native USDC Faucet (opens in a new tab)Sepolia, OP Sepolia
ETHGlobal Testnet Faucet (opens in a new tab)Sepolia, OP Sepolia, Base Sepolia, Zora Sepolia, Holesky
Ethereum Ecosystem Faucets (opens in a new tab)Sepolia, OP Sepolia, Base Sepolia

Bridge from Sepolia

If you have testnet ETH on Sepolia, you can bridge it to OP Sepolia (and vice versa) using the Superchain Bridges UI (opens in a new tab) or this collection of Superchain Testnet Tools (opens in a new tab).

Inclusion Criteria

Developer teams who want to feature products/tools on this page must meet the following criteria:

  1. ongoing partnership with Optimism whether formal agreement, RPGF, RFP, collaborated on specific initiatives, etc.;
  2. established user base and OP ecosystem engagement such as governance participation, homegrown TG or Discord participation, etc.; and
  3. actively maintained developer tool that aligns with OP's commitment to a magical developer experience (e.g., easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, great DevX, highly-rated by community, etc.)

For teams that are supporting but still establishing a user base, we encourage you to share your tool on the community faucets page (opens in a new tab). You can also promote your tool in the developer forum (opens in a new tab) and signup to share your tool at the next demo day (opens in a new tab).

Next Steps