Integrating the OVM

If you're interested in testing your contracts running on the OVM, then you're in the right place! Please note that the OVM is in alpha and, as such, you'll probably find some bugs. If you do, please drop us a line or open a github issue!

There are two steps you need to take to get your contracts running on the ovm: using @eth-optimism/solc-transpiler in place of solc so your contracts can be transpiled into OVM-compatible versions, and using @eth-optimism/rollup-full-node as your web3 provider.

For reference, example integrations for both Truffle and Waffle can be found in our monorepo .

Integrating the OVM Transpiler


Both truffle and ethereum-waffle allow you to specify a custom replacement for solc-js. First, you'll need to install @eth-optimism/solc-transpiler:

yarn add @eth-optimism/solc-transpiler && yarn install


npm install --save @eth-optimism/solc-transpiler

@eth-optimism/solc-transpiler Accepts the same compiler options as as solc, with one additional option, executionManagerAddress. The Execution Manager is a smart contract implementing the OVM's containerization functionality. If you are using an unmodified rollup-full-node, the default execution manager address is 0xA193E42526F1FEA8C99AF609dcEabf30C1c29fAA. More info on the execution manager can be found here. (link)

Using With Waffle

To use the transpiler with ethereum-waffle, set the solc.version configuration to ""@eth-optimism/solc-transpiler" and compilerOptions.executionManagerAddress to "0xA193E42526F1FEA8C99AF609dcEabf30C1c29fAA".

example waffle-config.json:

"solcVersion": "@eth-optimism/solc-transpiler",
"compilerOptions": {
"executionManagerAddress": "0xA193E42526F1FEA8C99AF609dcEabf30C1c29fAA"

Using With Truffle

To use the transpiler with Truffle, set truffle's compilers.solc.version configuration to @eth-optimism/solc-transpiler, and configure the EXECUTION_MANAGER_ADDRESS environment variable.

Currently, Truffle does not provide a clean way to use custom chain IDs, so we have created the @eth-optimism/ovm-truffle-provider-wrapper package to seamlessly wrap your provider of choice to handle this. Note: you will also need to include @eth-optimism/rollup-full-node as a dependency if you would like to run a full node locally (or use ProviderWrapper.wrapProviderAndStartLocalNode(...)).

example truffle-config.json:

const HDWalletProvider = require('truffle-hdwallet-provider');
const ProviderWrapper = require("@eth-optimism/ovm-truffle-provider-wrapper");
const mnemonic = 'candy maple cake sugar pudding cream honey rich smooth crumble sweet treat';
// Set this to the desired Execution Manager Address -- required for the transpiler
process.env.EXECUTION_MANAGER_ADDRESS = process.env.EXECUTION_MANAGER_ADDRESS || "0xA193E42526F1FEA8C99AF609dcEabf30C1c29fAA"
module.exports = {
* Note: this runs the OVM full node for the duration of the tests at ``
* To run tests:
* $ truffle test ./truffle-tests/test-erc20.js --config truffle-config-ovm.js
networks: {
test: {
network_id: 108,
provider: function() {
return ProviderWrapper.wrapProviderAndStartLocalNode(new HDWalletProvider(mnemonic, "", 0, 10));
gasPrice: 0,
gas: 9000000,
live_example: {
provider: function () {
return ProviderWrapper.wrapProvider(new HDWalletProvider(mnemonic, "", 0, 10));
gasPrice: 0,
gas: 9000000,
// Set default mocha options here, use special reporters etc.
mocha: {
timeout: 100000
compilers: {
solc: {
// Add path to the solc-transpiler
version: "@eth-optimism/solc-transpiler",


As you can see in the above comments, you must spin up the rollup full node before running truffle tests. To do this, with @eth-optimism/rollup-full-node installed, you can run:

node rollup-full-node/build/src/exec/fullnode.js

Currently, rollup-full-node breaks Truffle's gasLimit and blockGasLimit. To avoid this, you can set both to undefined where they are used.

Integrating the OVM Full Node

To use your transpiled contracts, you need to use @eth-optimism/rollup-full-node as your web3 provider. To do this, make sure it's installed:

yarn add @eth-optimism/rollup-full-node && yarn install


npm install --save @eth-optimism/rollup-full-node

To get your provider and some wallets:

const RollupFullNode = require("@eth-optimism/rollup-full-node")
const provider = RollupFullNode.getMockProvider()
const wallets = RollupFullNode.getWallets(provider)